Our vision is to be the best in the business

If your car needs special attention, we can bring it up to immaculate condition with our wide range of car cleaning and car detailing services.

Protect your investment

We all know that a well-protected car holds its value for longer, and commands a better price on resale. Once we remove the scratches, polish the paintwork back to its original state, and get rid of the hard-to-reach grime, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how close we can bring it back to its original showroom finish.


We don't compromise on quality. We clean your car thoroughly from the inside out, reviving your interior and upholstery and treating the paintwork to a professional, high-gloss polish.

Guaranteed finish to stay gleaming for over six months

And, you've got our guarantee. When we apply the world's most advanced polish we promise that it will last for over six months of regular washes. If it doesn't, we'll return and polish again - for free.

And in the meantime, we look forward to getting you back to immaculate